Far away from the clichés of fast fashion and sustainable clothing, ZOÉ MUSE reinvents the aesthetics of ecological consumption to bring sustainability in the closet of the mainstream. ZOÉ MUSE started as a one-woman fashion business in 2017 in Berlin and moved its headquarter to Luxembourg in 2018. In 2020, we expanded our team in Berlin. The main resources of ZOÉ MUSE are the people, its network and community of creatives worldwide. When we talk about “we”, we include all the people who work with ZOÉ MUSE behind the scenes, having one same vision.


 © Marion Dessard


ZOÉ MUSE doesn’t want to change
where people buy, but their attitude towards
what they buy by bringing sustainability
in the wardrobe of the mainstream.

Our clothing is available in our online shop as well as in selected stores since 2020. As we mainly work with local independent stores, we offer additional promotion as an official dealer of ZOÉ MUSE on all our platforms. You can discover the stores, where you can find our clothing featured in our online shop.

We developed a contemporary way
of working in and with the local and
international creative industries.


ZOÉ MUSE’s aim is to create a network of creatives to ensure growth and support. Working with freelancers and partly outsourcing the design process allows us to stay flexible and to react fast on new trends of the market. We consider freelancers as the main component of our international team. We create concepts that bring people together in order to realize brand-intern directed projects with a social background. It’s about uniting locals, connecting internationally and providing values. Clothing from creatives for creatives.

We strive to reinvent the aesthetics of
ecological clothing to bring sustainability
in the closet of the mainstream.

Our selection of unisex clothing offers our ‘Everyday Trend Collection’, which is designed in our Luxembourg Studio and our ‘Artist Co-lab Collection’, which we create in collaboration with amazing artists from around the world. Our intention is to showcase their artwork through a new medium and give them the resources and platform to promote their work. With all of our collaborations, we put our artists in the spotlight and also honour their work through a commission for every piece sold. Through the pieces created in collaboration, artists are able to share and show off their work to the world in the form of clothing and accessories worn by our community.

As a small business, we understand that mutual support in the creative industry is essential and that working together we are able to achieve great things. Through our collections, we want to boost the appreciation of all the creative work behind the product but also promote a more sustainable and ethical way in fashion. 

Sustainability is an extensive thematic
that starts at our design process and
ends at the distribution of our products.

ZOÉ MUSE engages itself to ensure ethical working conditions by working together with productions that are certificated by non-profit organisations which control the working conditions such as fair payment and human treatment in factories. Also, we use sustainable materials such as organic cotton to produce our clothing. Specific details of materials and production for each product you can find in our item descriptions.

Abroad production - Our clothing is mainly produced in emerging countries like Bangladesh because we believe that it’s important to support the productions in these countries, to assure the residence’ jobs, improve their payment and their local industry.

As a small brand, we do not yet have the capacity and possibility to control the conditions on the site personally, that’s why we work together with trustful partners such as the FairWear foundation, the Global Organic Textile Standard International Working Group (GOTS), with Confident in Textiles, as well as Fairtrade and PETA to be sure we buy clothing from factories with positive working conditions for their employees and awareness for the environment.

Local production - At the same time, we also work closely together with local manufacturers and refinery companies. The refinery of our clothing, such as the prints and the embroideries is made by a family business in Germany, which allows us to assure 100% transparency of the production process. We select our partner companies with great care, sharing the same values as we have.

We are not perfect yet - ZOÉ MUSE is constantly working to improve the sustainability of all our processes.


If you want to find out more or want to work with us - Feel free to write us: