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ZOÉ MUSE is an one-woman driven fashion business with an international supporting community
of creatives and passionate startups behind.
The fashion brand was founded 2017 in Berlin and moved its headquarter to Luxembourg in 2018.  In its Art Studio in Luxembourg City, the fashion brand creates social concepts to improve the appreciation of creative work and to support sustainability. ZOÉ MUSE sets ethical behaviour and community in the spotlight. It's a lot to learn and the brand itself is also not perfect yet. We try to improve ourselves and learn much everyday through our collaborations with so different people all over the world. It's our aim to share these experiences and values with you.
The heart project of the brand is its Artist Co-lab Collection. It's an open clothing line with fashion pieces that was created in collaboration with creatives from every parts of the world. The collection reunites different aesthetics and messages and we're constantly searching for new artists to become a part of it. Our artists co-labs are honored through commission, which means that a part of the final price paid goes directly to the artist involved.
We act with people who care and address to all those who should - everyone, everywhere.
Zoé Muse Spring Collection 19  
Kimberly Doerfel, the founder of ZOÉ MUSE, started the fashion label at the age of 21 years, 2017 in Berlin. She leads the company as passionate social concept designer and creative director with the aim to bring creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world together to create creative, cultural and economical value. The code of conduct of ZOÉ MUSE is her personal issue to give the support back that allowed her in the beginning, as well as today, to follow her dream.
"Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean to do everything by yourself,
but finding and collaborating with the right people, the right way."