LUXEMBOURG | We're looking for creatives & brand ambassadors!

LUXEMBOURG | We're looking for creatives & brand ambassadors!

Zoé Muse's Art Studio is a supporting community and international creators club with aim to support local creatives and common growth. We launched our very first Art Studio in Luxembourg in October 2019 to connect creatives, create social, cultural and economic value and grow together. The "Art Studio 00352" lays the foundation for an international network and platform and you can be part of it!

We're looking for content creators and brand ambassadors. Whether, you're photographer, videographer, make-up artist, stylist, model, influencer, singer, dancer, designer or any other kind of creative beast - We want you to join our community.

How it works - Within the creative industries, cohesion and collaboration is key for individual and professional development. It's a mutual give and take that we want to bring on the next level. We're looking for volunteers who want to become part of our upcoming projects and help us spreading creativity in Luxembourg. It's up to you with which skills you want to support the community, we do the matchmaking with the right people. We can't wait to get to know you!



Don't let you hold back from anything, the only thing that counts is your creativity, and style! Does your style fit the brand and do you want to connect with other creative beasts in Luxembourg? Then write us shortly, why you want to become part of the "Art Studio 00352" to contact@zoemuse-fashion.com and find out more.



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