Joel Burden x Zoé Muse | UK
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Joel Burden x Zoé Muse | UK

"Recently I’ve been exploring themes of shyness, vulnerability and sensitivity, through simplified visual metaphor. In other words I guess I’m experimenting with trying to say a lot by showing very little. I’ve been interested in work by Georgia O’Keeffe, Ellsworth Kelly, amongst others. I’m also reading a lot of novels by Haruki Murakami. The way he describes subtle human interaction and emotion makes them almost tangible. I find it really resonates with something in me. I’m also finding myself moving being more and more interested in abstraction, which is something I imagine I will explore further. [...]- @joelburden

Joel Burden Artist Signature
About the illustration:
"[...] This particular piece is a metaphor for hiding behind something beautiful. [...] it relates to themes of shyness and vulnerability."